How to Select a Garden Style

How to Select a Garden Style

Before planning your garden you must decide which style it’ll have, and what sort of plants you’ll have in it. There are multiple options to choose from, so it may be best if you have a look at a few different styles to see which is best for you. One of the gardens introduced in this piece may help you select the one you would like to make at your home:

Wildflower Garden

The look of a wildflower garden is enjoyed by some but others opt for the appearance of cultivated flowers. This garden variety has a naturalistic appearance and is easy to keep up if you utilize naturalistic plants. Greenhouses or garden centers are a good source for seeds or you can discover transplants in your surrounding area. Typically, wildflowers do not require as much care as other plants but you do need to keep in mind the essential demands of the plants you select. It’s a good idea to plant a variety of wildflowers that bloom in different seasons, to give your garden a lush look all year round.

English Country Style Garden

Choosing the English Country garden style is a unique way to create and present a garden. Originating in England, this century-old type of garden has both flowers and a variety of plants. Traditional English Country gardens are based on the type of gardens found on the estates of wealthy landowners, which usually have formal rows of hedges, stone paths, and possibly decorated with ornaments such as statues. One would know that you are in an English country garden because of the wide variety of wildflowers that burst with color throughout the entire area. Fountains within large ponds are also part of these types of gardens which usually have a bench or two for people to sit and rest.

Japanese Style Garden

Gardens that are of a Japanese style are very popular these days, mostly due to their rather beautiful looks. These types of garden harness the natural environment as their foundations, just like how Japanese art does. If the style you’re going for is Japanese you would try to incorporate the natural things in your garden, such as a stream, rocks or trees. Japanese gardens usually have a very distinctive empty space. Bamboo, pines, Japanese maples and azaleas all feature in Japanese gardens. This kind of garden usually has a small number of species in order to keep it in line with the simplicity of the Japanese. Another fantastic type of garden to grow which will amaze your friends and family is a butterfly garden. As you may have figured out, this type of garden is designed specifically to attract butterflies to it. To make sure that it is a success, the plants that you grow must excrete a certain nectar that will attract the butterflies to them. Less wind and more sunshine are key factors that also need to be part of your garden for this to work. In general, the best flowers to attract butterflies are colorful and fragrant ones, so this also gives you a reason to create an attractive, multicolored garden that also has a pleasant fragrance. Creating this garden will give you two sources of entertainment and pleasure counting both the butterflies and the assorted flowers.

Water Gardens

Water gardens are an interesting type of garden that you may want to consider, whether you have a pond or other body of water on your property or not. If there aren’t any natural water sources close to you, you could always add a fountain to the middle. Make sure your garden has a lot of sunlight as the aquatic plants in a water garden will require it.

It’s also typical to incorporate fish into a water garden, not only for their beauty but for the job they do of controlling debris and insects. A water garden can be very rewarding, but it’s also a big project, and it can be expensive to start. For those who have little experience with this type of garden they would be better off with a smaller water garden to start with.

Medical Herb Garden

A medicinal herb garden is something you may want to consider if you’re interested in holistic health. A benefit of planting herbs is the ease to which they grow, both outdoors and indoors. Do some research concerning the medicinal herbs most well suited for your area. Oregano, Chamomile, and Echinacea work well in a variety of environments. Chamomile makes for a relaxing tea that can help with insomnia and nervousness. Avoid sickness by utilizing Echinacea which has been used for many years by the Native Americans. Help your immune system with Oregano, perhaps better known as an Italian cooking spice, that also has other medicinal qualities.